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Portugal Golden Visa Process with Matos Real Estate

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The following Portugal Golden Visa Process is a guide to the application procedure for the golden visa programme in Portugal. It is meant as a practical outline for clients using our real estate services and does not serve as a full legal guide. Details may change from time to time so please contact us.

  • Prior to any application for the applicant and their family for the golden visa there needs to be sufficient investment in real estate. That is €500,000 per applicant. Subject to making the required investment and meeting the programme criteria below, applicants will be granted the residency visa.

Consult with us at Matos Real Estate as to your eligibility and suitability for the golden visa programme in Portugal. Our advice is free for those clients looking to use our services in Portugal Golden Visa Process.

We will advise on the Portugal Golden Visa Process fitted for your family structure, country of residency, financing and other circumstances. No two families are the same but we have experienced and dealt with most situations.

Pre Visit Stage
We will help plan your visit and where necessary obtain an invitation letter to Portugal so you can obtain a Schengen visa. Please note that in all circumstances we require evidence of sufficient funds (€500,000) for  Portugal Golden Visa Process.

We will also advise on the most appropriate areas and real estate investments to suit your needs. Lifestyle, rental, intended usage, capital growth, business and travel needs can play a part in this Portugal Golden Visa Process.

Visit Stage
During your visit to Portugal you will essentially need to do 4 things:

  • Visit and view properties with us and our trusted partners
  • Meet with lawyers and grant a Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Open a bank account
  • Visit immigration for biometrics (photo and thumb prints)

Ourselves and our representatives will take care of all arrangements and accompany you. As Architects we have over 20 years’ experience dealing purely with international real estate investors just like you. Throughout this time we have built a network of trusted partners including banks, developers, agents and lawyers to help ensure a smooth process for your visit and property investment.

Post Visit
On returning home you will need to make a transfer of deposit to secure the property if this was not done during your visit. Completion of the property typically takes two to three months. Your lawyer can undertake this in full in your absence.

The requirements for the investor visa are:

  • Minimum investment of €500,000
  • Clean criminal record
  • No previous refusal of entry or visa to the EU
  • Sufficient medical insurance (in case you decide to stay in Portugal)


Matos Real Estate Agent in Quinta do Lago offers a selection of villas, plots, townhouses and apartments to suit in Portugal Golden Visa Process and in your individual preference.

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