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Advantages For Investing In Portugal

An excellent opportunity and incentive for property investment in Portugal.

In order to attract International investors, the Portuguese Government has recently approved a new tax law. As such Portugal has become a very attractive destination for individuals, surpassing other tax regimes in many ways.

Some of the advantages of becoming a Portuguese Tax Resident:

  • Tax exemption on pensions
  • Tax exemption on inheritance
  • Tax exemption on capital income
  • Tax exemption on dividends and interests
  • Flat rate of 20% on the majority of revenue sources, such as salaries

Another improvement to the law is the legal entry, stay and departure of foreigners from national territory when acquiring a property. The Portuguese residency Visa permit allows visa free travel in European Union and Schengen Countries.

According to the new law, a residence permit is granted to any individual who buys a property in Portugal, equal to or greater than €500.000. (View Golden Visa Page)

The minimum period of stay in Portugal has been set out as 7 days in the first year and 14 days, consecutive or interrupted, during each of the 2 subsequent periods of 2 years.

After the 6th year, a definitive residence permit shall be issued and the investor can apply for Portuguese Citizenship.

This is therefore an excellent opportunity and incentive for the investment in Portugal.

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