Buy Safely in Algarve

Buy safely in Algarve

Buying safely in Algarve is a huge commitment, and something you will need to put a lot of thought into. When you are buying a property in Portugal (or indeed anywhere overseas), this goes double – or even triple! We therefor recommend making sure you have the best possible expertise and advice at your disposal.

After all, this could be the most important purchase of your life!

The team of experts you need

The Matos Real Estate team recommends three key experts, essential to the safe and successful purchase of a Portuguese property – the ‘Golden 3’.

These are a:

  • trusted property agent
  • currency specialist
  • independent Lawyer.

We believe it is incredibly important to organise these three services as early in your Portuguese property journey as possible;

this will ensure you have all the right support and information available from the earliest possible juncture – decreasing the likelihood of you coming across the common issues and pitfalls that others have faced.

The right property agent
We know that it can be really overwhelming choosing an agent – there are so many to choose from!

The first step you can take is to do some online research, looking at your chosen area and the options available to you. However, nothing is as reassuring as a personal recommendation – and the knowledge that you have found someone who meets all your criteria and have the expertise to find a property that meets all your requirements in your specified area/s within Algarve, Portugal. Finding the right estate agent before you even come over to Portugal ensures you can make the most of your time on your viewing trip.

A currency specialist
Transferring your money to Portugal using your bank can be a slow, expensive process.

Rather than wait around, and be charged for doing so, you can use a currency specialist like our trusted partners. Our Currency specialists are experts in the overseas property industry, meaning you can immediately access up-to-date industry expert advice and guidance to help you on your journey. Your dedicated trader will be able to work with you through every aspect of the property buying process.

An independent Lawyer

An independent, impartial, English-speaking lawyer with expert knowledge of your area of Portugal is essential to securing your dream home!

They can assist with communication issues or any confusion over completion – ensuring your purchase is not hit by delays!

The Matos Real estate team has spent time getting to know trusted professionals across Portugal, who can provide you with peace of mind through every stage of your buying journey.

To be put in touch with recommended professionals that can help you buy your dream Portuguese home – Contacts us Now!

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